Such a unique and inspired idea to combine a personalized life coaching session with self expression through painting and art! I love Shannon and Amy’s workshops and always walk away with fresh insights and a beautiful new piece of art to remind me of the experience!
— Maryn Masumiya

I wholeheartedly recommend The Artful Introvert! I took their goal setting workshop last Saturday and came away with so much. I went in with zero experience setting goals (and some fear) and walked out with not only several strong goals for 2019, but also the ability to set my own goals moving forward. This is HUGE for me. I’ve already worked the process with a couple of new goals, since the workshop. Both Amy and Shannon are WONDERFUL. They provided an incredibly special and safe place to do this work important. I will definitely take future workshops led by these amazing women. I’ve been inspired and empowered to think differently about what I want out of my life. I’m grateful for the opportunity, and humbled and changed from this experience. Thank you, Amy & Shannon!
— Katy Abramson

I loved taking the Artful Introvert goal setting workshop! I saw another friend rsvp for it on Fb and had to try it out. Although I dont live in LA I’m glad that I drove the distance because it was so worth it. Both Shannon and Amy are AWESOME. The workshop started with Shannon leading us through the different stages of goal setting giving us time to write down our thoughts for each stage and also having group discussions in between. After some yummy snacks Amy led us through the second part of the workshop where we incorporated what we learned into a beautiful piece of art. This workshop was both incredibly insightful and very fun it showed me the importance of taking time to reflect on your past and on your values when setting goals for the future. I cant wait to see what other workshops Shannon and Amy offer in the future! A few weeks after the workshop I also had an individual coaching session with Shannon which was equally awesome and I strongly recommend if you would like additional advice!
— Kat Semonchuk