Artful Introvert workshops are designed specifically for introverted women by a life coach and an artist who are also introverts. We create a space for the quieter and introspective ones to have meaningful conversation, experience personal growth, relax and recharge.

When you come to an Artful Introvert workshop, you don’t have to mingle, raise your hand, speak in front of the group, or share your work. You are 100% welcome to do any and all of those things — but only if you want to.

Each workshop has a different theme, and every one feels a bit magical, demonstrating the healing power of coaching and art. Our goal is for you to stay true to the way you’re wired during the entire event, so you leave feeling energized and reconnected with who you are and who you want to become.


Amy is a painter who explores dreams and emotional landscapes in her work. She has always been an artist, but has only started painting seriously in the past few years. Her interest in exploring psychological themes began as a way to deal with depression and has evolved into a practice in both growth and healing.

The feeling of using art to open channels of self-awareness and inner peace is something that she hopes to share with others. For more of her work, check out her website.

Shannon is a certified professional coach and works with introverted professionals to help them break through what is holding them back, build quiet confidence, and achieve personal and professional goals.

As an introvert, an HSP, and an INFJ, Shannon has experienced first-hand that owning your unique value is the true path to your professional and personal success. It’s her mission to help fellow introverts learn how to step into their worthiness and use their introverted qualities as their greatest strengths.

To learn more about her work, check out her website.