Goals are so important because they help us to be intentional about what we want to experience and accomplish. But goals are all too often made and forgotten.

This workshop will help you identify your core values and set goals in a very specific way that is based on those values. You will also walk away with strategies and accountability to help you accomplish your goals.

Since we’re exploring change and our hopes for the future in the coaching exercises, we’re using images of trees as a metaphor for this process. Every tree painted in this workshop is unique, and they all show the transformation and intention behind your vision or goal. There is some instruction for painting techniques, but a lot of freeform expression.

Our workshops start with 45 minutes of coaching in a group setting, followed by two hours of art with relevant instruction—all while enjoying wine and snacks.


Why Artful Introvert?

Our mission is to create a comfortable space for introverted women to have meaningful conversation, experience personal growth, and recharge as we guide you through the therapeutic painting portion. We’re introverts too, and we’ve designed the workshop to take all of the usual pressures off so you can be yourself, relax, and enjoy your time with other women who are just like you.

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