We spend so much of our lives on auto-pilot, being triggered and reacting without understanding why.

This workshop is designed to help you choose how you show up throughout the day and reduce your stress levels, especially in your closest relationships and at work.

We'll do this by learning seven levels of energy, or lenses, that can immediately transform your perception of any situation. This is the foundation of Shannon's coaching, and a model she uses daily to self-coach.

You'll then have the unique opportunity to anchor your thoughts, feelings, and discoveries from the coaching exercises in a vibrant painting, guided by Amy. This will become a tangible reminder of each one of the energy levels.

Our workshops start with 45 minutes of coaching in a group setting, followed by two hours of art with relevant instruction—all while enjoying wine and snacks.


Why Artful Introvert?

Our mission is to create a comfortable space for introverted women to have meaningful conversation, experience personal growth, and recharge as we guide you through the therapeutic painting portion. We’re introverts too, and we’ve designed the workshop to take all of the usual pressures off so you can be yourself, relax, and enjoy your time with other women who are just like you.

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