Upcoming Workshops


Changing Your Inner Critic’s Message
Next Date TBD

Each one of us has an inner critic. Its message is personalized and deep, and creates fear that holds us back in every area of our lives. This workshop will help you understand where your inner critic came from, what it’s trying to protect, and how to change its message to one that frees you to create the life you want and deserve.

Mission & Values
Next Date TBD

Ever wonder why you feel stuck in the same areas of your life, over and over again? What if you could break your negative thought patterns and choose how you want to feel in any situation? This workshop will show you how, and you’ll also create a mission statement that reveals what you want most out of life.

2019 Goal Setting & Planning

Goals are so important because they help us to be intentional about what we want to experience and accomplish. But goals are all too often made and forgotten. This workshop will help you identify your core values, set goals that are based on those values, and create the strategy that will help you achieve them.


Growth & Creativity

Our mission is to create a comfortable space for introverted women to have meaningful conversation, experience personal growth, and recharge as you’re guided through a coaching session and therapeutic art project. Each workshop has a different theme, and every one feels a bit magical, demonstrating the healing power of coaching and art.